I am currently on the job market. [CV]

I'm a PhD Candidate in the Department of Computer Science at NC State University. I'm advised by Dr. William Enck, and am a member of the Wolfpack Security and Privacy Research (WSPR) Lab. Before joining NCSU, I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science from Cleveland State University.

My research interests broadly fall within the area of systems security, with a primary focus on (1) the security and privacy analysis of computing platforms, predominantly mobile platforms and IoT, and the applications targeted towards those platforms; and (2) the design and analysis of practical security and protection mechanisms for these platforms. My research generally involves building real systems and tools to address or perform large-scale empirical measurements of security and privacy risks. I am particularly interested in applying natural language processing, text analytics, program analysis, and data analytics techniques to extract and draw insights about security and privacy-relevant information and leverage it to identify security and privacy risks or allow systems to autonomously make informed security and privacy decisions.